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Welcome to Jive.me.uk. This site is free to use and is  developed by Jive dance enthusiasts. To find a Jive dance club in the UK, simply use the menu below. You'll then find a list of Jive clubs in your region from which to choose. We suggest you try as many as you can. They all differ from one another, however, one constant you will find with them all are the lovely people. We've made many friends travelling around the various clubs and have found them all to be run by like minded fun guys and girls of all ages, who really enjoy their dancing. Don't forget, you wont just learn to dance, you'll make new friends and keep fit.


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Tell us about your Jive dance club. If you run or know of a club we've missed out then drop us an email and tell us about it. We'll need to know it's website address if it has one, it's location in the UK and where it holds regular classes. To add your Jive Dance Club to our directory, click on the link on the left. Please write as much information about the club as possible, who runs it, how often etc. We will paste the details given by you onto your club's very own Jive.me.uk webpage.
Jive database. We propose to gradually build a UK Jive dance database from the information provided by you. When you email us details about your club, we'll make a special webpage about it on this site FREE. If your a member of, or run one of the clubs already listed, let us have your club's details and we'll create a web page for your club FREE of charge. Click here to email us the details. We will copy and paste them onto your club's own web page.
Free link. We will also include a FREE web link to your club's website, in return we ask you to do the same for us (please tell us where on your site you've placed it). After we receive your website address, we'll check out your site to see if a link to us has been added. When this has been been verified, we'll add your link alongside your club details in our directory.
Dating. To help you to find your perfect single dance partner, we have teamed up with www.Dating4Dancers.com to offer you an online dating service. As we are sure you're all aware, the vast majority of Jive dancers are single and in many cases come to their local Jive club to meet other unattached local men and women. So, with this in mind we hope that you single Jive dancers out there will find our online dating service useful and of course fun!
Warning - Jive Dancing Seriously Improves Your Life

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