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Welcome to Jive.me.uk. This site is free to use and is  developed by Jive dance enthusiasts. To find a Jive dance club in the UK, simply use the menu below. You'll find a list of Jive clubs in your region from which to choose. We suggest you try as many as you can. They all differ from one another, however, one constant you will find with them all are the lovely people. We've made many friends travelling around the various clubs and have found them all to be run by like minded fun guys and girls of all ages, who really enjoy their dancing. Don't forget, you wont just learn to dance, you'll make new friends and keep fit.


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Our Facebook group was started several years ago, based in the South West of England, hence it's current name South West Dancing.
It's popularity has grown a lot recently, with many clubs and members joining us from across the UK. Many of the events shown are for the South West, although this is begining to change.
We will be changing the name in the coming months, to reflecting our geographical area more accurately and update this when that happens.
In the mean time please feel free to join our happy band of dancers

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